Corporate Services

Let us make your work day easier

Corporate Services

We are extremely pleased to offer you our Corporate Services.  We know that you have a hectic life so we want to make it easy for you to enjoy our dry cleaning and laundry services.  We arrange with your business a weekly schedule for free pick up and delivery.  We come to you when it’s most convenient.  Dry cleaning and laundry are the last things you’ll ever have to worry about again!

How It Works

After setting up your pickup/drop off days, we agree on where you will leave/pickup your laundry.  In most offices we work with, people leave their items either with the receptionist or in an office coat closet.  Since all of this is prearranged, you don’t have to be present to give us the laundry or pick it up.  Convenient for you and convenient for us!

You tell us how you want to be contacted either phone or email.  We give you weekly reminders as well as any changes to your schedule, e.g. pickup day falls on a holiday or a snow day.  We also give you a personalized bag with identification tags.  You also have the option of buying at wholesale a garment bag.  We make it easy for you to get your cleaning done.  Most importantly we give you quality cleaning!

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