Go Green

At Parkway Cleaners we pride ourselves on keeping the whole dry cleaning and laundry services in house.  This gives us more control of all of our processes so we can make green decisions.  Here are three ways we’re Reusing, Reducing, and Recycling!

Reusable Garment Bags

We offer all our clients the option of buying a reusable garment bag.  These bags reduce plastic waste.  Buy one at wholesale for $12 and we’ll keep reusing it for all of your orders!

Environmentally Friendly

dry cleanerWe boast an environmentally cleaning system that is better for the environment while still getting your clothes clean.  Your clothes are cleaner with no residual chemical odor.

Hanger Recycling


If you have slightly worn wire hangers you no longer use give them to us!  We reuse them over and over again.